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    J&A Landscaping Tree & Fence Services is a full-service landscaper contractor. If you are looking for: Lawn maintenance, lawn installation, trimming services, tree removal, and spring and fall clean-ups, don’t hesitate to call us. Our reputation, client service, and professionalism are all things we take pleasure in.

    To maintain your lawn healthy, make sure your grass gets at least an inch of water every 3 days, mow it once a week, and fertilize it every 8 weeks during the growing season

    Lawn Fertilization is vital and should be done proactively. You should fertilize your lawn at least once every season change. This is how you feed your lawn with all the required ingredients.

    The best time to install a new lawn is in the late summer/early fall. Best results can be achieved during this time because the warms days and cold nights. However, we provide lawn installation from Spring through Fall seasons. Call us now for a free quote.

    Once seeding the lawn, a thin layer of mulch or straw spread over the area is good to hold moisture and keep the seeds from drying out on the ground.

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